Category: Politics

  • Those Crazy Libertarians

    I hear it a lot, being a Libertarian running for office, those Libertarians and their ‘crazy’ ideas.  Letting people choose to live their lives as they see fit, not as the government forces you to?  How would we all survive?  How would that work?  Isn’t that something that only works in small widespread farm communities? […]

  • Massaging the Numbers

    The worst part about modern politics is the lengths that politicians will go through just to convince those unwilling to use logic and facts that they are telling the truth.  And further, when they attempt to use fallacies to bolster these claims even though a little fact checking will counter them pretty quickly.  But beyond […]

  • Land of the Subsidized

    Friday was an important day.  A day when the US crossed a threshold that it is looking less likely to cross back the other way on.  On Friday, January 22, 2010, the United States federal government put into full force of law its 2000th subsidy program. This number may seem small but in reality, compared […]

  • Atheists Need Not Join

    In doing some local organization of Libertarians I have come across some of my fellow party members that are latching onto the 912 Project of Glenn Beck’s.  Not knowing much about it I did some research and found that not only was it ‘phony’ Libertarianism but I was definitely not a person it is directed […]

  • The InDecider

    Perhaps President Obama is trying too hard to not be seen as his predecessor. Instead of being known as “The Decider”, is President Obama trying to be known as “The InDecider”? In most cases he can spend time making up his mind (by reading polling data trends) but his lack of a quick decision in […]

  • Armed and Dangerous

    A man in New Hampshire has just been convicted of criminal threatening.  It’s a win for the police who have gotten this criminal off of the street and behind bars where he belongs.  I’m  not sure what kind of country we would be if we didn’t have our police departments on the lookout for these […]

  • The Echo Chamber

    During the Watergate hearings, John Dean made the press aware of an Enemies List, the top 20 enemies to the Nixon Administration was to be targeted with retribution once Nixon was re-elected.  While reading the list on the air, Daniel Schorr was shocked to read his own name at number 17.  It was at this […]

  • Playing Cards

    There is a tool in arsenal of the small minded politician that has a sharp edge and can be wielded with abandon when backed up against the wall.  When they can’t win in the arena of ideas or debate, it can be reached for easily, like a warm blanket armor that is stronger than steel.  […]

  • Out of Touch

    While running for the office of President of the United States, President Obama made a statement he thought was behind closed doors in San Francisco about voters in Pennsylvania.  We now see that this sentiment about small town America has not changed much as the President still seems taken aback at how people could possibly […]

  • Is It Time for Equality For All?

    Massachusetts’ attorney general, Martha Coakley, filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against the U.S. government that seeks federal marriage benefits for about 16,000 gay and lesbian couples who have legally wed in Massachusetts.  The state is challenging the constitutionality of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act.  Finally!