Stop The Abuse

I’ve been seeing the domestic abuse billboards around my town for some time and I think they are great. They provide information and possible hope to those involved to seek help, real help, so that the violence will stop. But I noticed the other day as I read one quickly that there is another kind of abuse going on that fits the same patterns that very few seem to be educating and fighting for. That, of course, is Governmental Abuse.

I’m sure you’ve seen the signs as well. If you haven’t, they basically spell out a form of domestic abuse and then provide a website to to go for more information. For example, one of the signs says:

Taking my money is abuse. Stop it.

And then provides a way to get more information. It was when reading this one that I started looking at the signs a little differently. As I continued to see them I started looking at them a little sidways and started noticing that every American has become a victim of abuse.

Let me post a few more of the signs:

Intimidating me is abuse.

Controlling my actions is abuse.

Taking my money is abuse.

Deliberately scaring me is abuse.

Forbidding my beliefs is abuse.

Physical violence is abuse.

Isolating me is abuse.

Using my family against me is abuse.

Harassing me is abuse.

Expecting me to obey is abuse.

Using religion to control me is abuse.

Stalking me is abuse.

Vandalizing my property is abuse.

Endangering me is abuse.

Controlling my time is abuse.

Continually criticizing me is abuse.

Degrading me is abuse.

Wow, each of these things I can apply to things that our current federal government is doing to us every day! And just like victims of Domestic Abuse, we sadly allow them to continue doing it, all the while finding excuses to blame ourselves for it or justifying the behavior ocurring over and over again.

From taking our money to spend as they see fit, to telling us what we can do in the privacy of our own homes, to watching our every move, to using religion to justify laws, to using the threat of the police to prevent us from speaking our minds or doing the things we feel we should do, our government is waging a War of Abuse on its own citizens and it’s time that that war end.


And just as we should be working hard to help elminate the disgusting practice of Domestic Abuse, something I’ve personally been working around for decades locally, we should also be working hard to eliminate our own government abusing us as well. We rightfully don’t stand for this type of behavior to be going on in the homes of the citizens of the United States, why should we be allowing our own government to do it as well? When are we going to notice that we are so similar to those terrible victims of domestic abuse, both male and female, who are caught in a pattern of frustration and seeking out this type of behavior.

Stop the fear, stop the harassment, stop the theft, stop the manipulation, stop the intimidation.

Stop The Abuse!

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