Conceived By Man

Much of the conversation around same-sex marriages and whether they should be allowed or not have centered around the inability for same-sex couple to have children. This, we are told by some, is the reason for marriage. While I’ve shown previously that this logic is flawed, it is also not a viable excuse for limiting this right to same-sex couples as before as detailed in this new study.

We are led down the path of illogical reasoning by some based on current world medical technology. Abortion and same-sex marriages are just two examples of this. However, we should never rely upon medical technology to make fundamental societal laws for behavior when it violates the belief that people should be free to live their lives with as little governmental involvement as possible, except when the action violates another’s right to the same.

Medical science has great potentials that we are just starting to unveil and think about, from curing all kinds of diseases to taking any and all guesswork out of the creation of life. I was just talking about this very thing this afternoon with a friend in explaining why my wife and I do not have children yet, this technology is going to be very welcome to people in my position in the future. Fetuses are becoming viable earlier and earlier, there may even be a day when we can remove the fetus any time after conception and re-implant or even gestate in a man-made environment. Will this change the need for free and available abortions anymore? Are people tied to the ideology so much that they won’t consider the options?

Once this theory becomes a reality, I’m afraid that we will have a large segment of the country, much like the above abortion example, who will assert that the practice should be made ‘illegal’ based singularly on the concept of what ‘god’ has dictated for a society to function in ‘his’ world. The problem is by basing the limiting of societal freedom based only on the bible of a religion that is not agreed to by a large population of the county, you are in effect ‘ramming your religious ideas down the throats of the heathens’.

Please, I don’t need lifts nailed to my feet, thank you…

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