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Close But No Cigar

Barney Frank is a tricky one. Between watching the banking industry, including Frannie Mae and Freddie Mac, fail and then finding anyone and everyone else to blame but himself on one hand and seemingly espousing libertarian ideals on the other, it makes a liberty minded individual scratch their heads. Unfortunately, it seems that, indeed, words are seldom as important as deeds.

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The Root of the Problem

In looking for a reason for our current economic issues it appears that most people think the problem is just a few years old. They find a point that backs their cause and stop looking. Democrats point to Gramm-Leach-Bliley and say ‘look, deregulation!’ Republicans point to the Community Reinvestment Act and say ‘look, social engineering’. And while both are partially right, and partially wrong, they both stopped looking at the real core problems that started in late 1970s that really opened the doors to this mess.

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The Despair of Hypocrisy

I’ve written often about the hypocrisy of politicians in the past, but nothing prepared me for the full story on President Obama’s latest display of unmasked hypocrisy. Ending the school voucher program in Washington DC is a blatant slap in the face of anyone who thought this type of behavior would change.

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Bushier than Bush?

For years peace loving individuals have been rightfully upset about President Bush’s abuse of our Constitution in response to the War on Terror.  To date, President Obama has changed the name of this action, and little else.  Except for the fact that he has attempted to acquire even more power in defense of these actions than even President Bush dared push for.  Is this because President Obama is more creative or is it more of a natural progression to fascism that our duopoly is driving us towards?
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