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Making The Point

In a letter to Edward Libby of AIG detailing his resignation from the company, Jake DeSantis provides the evidence that will most likely be missed by the populist rush to further the class warfare that this administration is waging as to why a political body has no business dabbling in running a business. President Obama, who’s supporters claim is a pragmatist, showed the exact opposite character trait and instead displayed a wonderful example of demagoguery.
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Promises, Promises

Well, that didn’t last long. One of the shining positive moments I had with the Obama administration lasted a whole week. Attorney General Eric Holder had promised to call off raids on Medical Marijuana dispensaries who were operating their businesses within state laws. However, yesterday that all seems to have gone up in smoke with a DEA raid on a dispensary in San Francisco.
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Mixed Message and Outrage

In his first 57 days in office, President Obama has seemingly tried to play both sides of an issue with little concern by anyone listening, especially the initiated, that it is happening. When will the Daily Show, where most young people get their news these days, start picking up on these?
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