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Lieberman and the Referrendum

For the past few months we’ve been subjected to the details of the Democratic primary race in Connecticut. I’ve seen many who were against the war in Iraq point to this election as a validation that their position was the majority now, including pointing to polls supporting their position. But are they really right?

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The Seven Principles of Government

Harry Browne’s passing earlier this year was a sad day for many. He was a smart and engaging person who really understood how government works, or rather doesn’t work, and why. Before his passing he left on a list of the Seven Principles of Government that I feel should be required reading in our Civics classes. Of course, our education being controlled by Government helps those in power stay in power so I fear it will never happen. However, I wanted to go over those principles and examine them in the context of what we see happening around us now.

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Time Out

I’ve not commented on the issues going on in the Middle East much. My disgust with both sides has really caused me to start becoming hard hearted to the whole situation. But a discussion with my wife about the subject caused me to see the issue in a little different light that has me thinking of what I now believe is the only real way to resolve the whole affair.

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