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DMCA and IPPA vs the USA

Instead of following the suggestion of a coalition of tech companies, academics and computer programmers that the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) was too oppressive and should be scaled back, congress is now determined to EXPAND the powers of the federal government to combat copy protections through a new amendment to the DMCA. IPac has recently gotten a hold of the new bill entitled The Intellectual Property Protection Act of 2006 (IPPA) and it’s worse than anyone could have imagined.

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Why Socialism Fails

Socialism has been with us for some time and for many people who are convinced they speak for the best of all of us it has been touted as the only true humane form of government. Unfortunately, it only works when it can take the human part out of the equation. Diversity must be ignored and abandoned if we are to live in a truly socialist world, something that I believe most people are not willing to give up.

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The Problem With Blogging

I love everyone having access to discuss and expand upon the traditional journalism as we have seen over the past few years. However there is a dark side to this freedom that results in inaccurate or wildly theoretical opinion being presented and built upon as fact. No greater example of this can be seen than with the recent explosion in the blogosphere of damning but questionable articles concerning the Plame case.

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Exploiting Fear and Emotion

While both parties are guilty of reaching to the heart of their constituents instead of their heads by using fear, anger and hatred to convince them to support them or more likely to NOT support ‘the other guy’, recently the democratic party has stepped up the game in order to regain the control that they’ve lost over the past few years.

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Playing The Race Card Yet Again

Once again a black person is using their race to explain their inappropriate actions. Rep Cynthia McKinney, accused of striking a Capitol Hill police officer, stated Friday that the officer started the incident by “inappropriately touching and stopping” her after she walked past a security checkpoint. Joined at her side were the usual suspects, Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover. And why was the touching and stopping ‘inappropriate’? Why else, because the policeman is a white male and she is a black female.

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