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The State of Religion

For years there have been disagreements about the place of religion in the United States. Some say that religion is destructive to enlightenment and free thought. Others say that a person’s religion is their own business and should be left to them to decide how to believe as long as it doesn’t infringe on anyone else’s right to the same. Still others are certain that only religion can keep our society from anarchy and push the bounds of the Separation of Church and State daily. Is there a way to determine which is correct?

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The Highest Standards of Journalism

In my previous article entitled Failure on Every Level, I detailed some of the failings in the events leading up to and during the horrific images and stories we were presented on our TV screens during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It was obvious from these events that New Orleans was failed by the Mayor’s office, Governor’s office and FEMA. However, it appears that I left someone out that may have failed us all during that same time.

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Failure on Every Level

The hurricane Katrina passed over New Orleans last week. In it’s wake it left a city destroyed and a populous in desperate ways. For too many days the remaining survivors of the hurricane that did not make it out to safety before were left without water, security and protection from the elements and those looking to harm others. The makeshift shelters were nowhere near adequate to protect them and help did not arrive in time to save the lives of some. But where was the failure? Who is to blame?

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The Worst in People

I was hoping it wouldn’t happen, but it sure didn’t take long for the conspiracy theorists and hatemongers that make up the far left of the Democratic party and the zenophobic bigoted righteous far right came out of the woodwork in respect to Katrina. There are obviously plenty of areas for debate in the coming months, once we have stabilized the situation, to determine if the lack of funding FEMA had anything to do with the disaster, those discussions are proper and do not look good for the president at this time. However, those are not the discussions I’m speaking about. Let’s take a gander at some of the discussions going on today… (warning, some quoted language is a bit harsh)

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