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Freedom: Begone!

In a decision handed down by the US Supreme Court, the Federal, State and Local governments have just invalidated all private land ownership and turned all titles into ‘lease agreements’ that can be nullified at a moment’s notice simply because someone has convinced any group of elected or appointed officials that they can do more with your property that you are.

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Biting the Hand

Bob Geldof is not making many friends by warning performers in his Live 8 concerts not to openly criticize President Bush. He has stated both that “he wants to bring Bush in, not run him away” and “They refuse to accept, because of their political ideology, that he has actually done more than any American president for Africa, but it’s empirically so.” As you can imagine, this may be ruffling the feathers of many who are scheduled to perform, as well as leaders of many left-leaning political action groups. However, this isn’t the only issue that those ‘on the left’ have with the Live 8 concerts.

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Conceived By Man

Much of the conversation around same-sex marriages and whether they should be allowed or not have centered around the inability for same-sex couple to have children. This, we are told by some, is the reason for marriage. While I’ve shown previously that this logic is flawed, it is also not a viable excuse for limiting this right to same-sex couples as before as detailed in this new study.

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