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Crisis Amnesia Syndrome

It’s happening again, political amnesia rampant in the liberal leadership. Recently it was the sudden lack of any desire to deal with Saddam Hussein that displayed this quaint condition to the public. A condition that so many in both parties seem to suffer from when not in power. Now it is the Social Security crisis, the very one that they themselves championed during the same years they were calling for the removal of Hussein, that they are claiming is an imagined one.

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The UN Irrelevance Once Again

While Iraq was being debated, many people asserted that the UN had become irrelevant and nothing more than a lawyer filled debating club.  This was defended by many who believed that the UN was capable of filling the role needed by a world organization that could help resolve disputes and prevent war.  Unfortunately, I am ever increasing of the mind that they are wrong, evidenced by such things as the Oil for Food scandal and refusal to put any teeth behind their resolutions.  And their latest blunder, their unwillingness to label the death, rape and torture of thousands of people because they are not Arab as a genocide just reinforces that belief.

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