Bush Blamed for Lunar Eclipse

October 28, 2004 — John F. Kerry today blamed President Bush for allowing the lunar eclipse to occur last night.  After spending the first fifteen minutes of his speech in Boston today celebrating the Red Sox win in the World Series, Senator Kerry launched into an attack on President Bush for failing to do anything about the terror created by the lunar eclipse.

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Fear Factor

The presidential election is upon us now and appropriately enough it will be within days of Halloween.  That’s because the major parties are using fear to drive people to the polls, towards their candidate and away from their opponents.  Perhaps we should have Joe Rogan doing a special ‘Fear Factor, Election Night’ show for us next Tuesday night?

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Wasted Votes

Most everyone has heard the argument before. “If you are going to vote for a third party candidate, you’re just throwing your vote away!” I’ve heard it over and over again, usually by partisans who are worried that their candidate will lose and are trying to win you over to ‘their side’. But who is really wasting their votes?

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The Unspoken Answer

Jeff Jacoby brought up an interesting point in an article that he wrote this morning.  In the article he writes the answer that you didn’t hear in this year’s debates but SHOULD have at least one time or another.

Call me a cranky libertarian conservative, but just once I would like to hear a candidate for president answer a question by saying, “Sorry, the Constitution limits the role of the federal government — the issue you’re asking about is one for the states or the private sector, not Washington.”

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America Asks: Who is John Kerry?

Who is John Kerry is a question that many voters are asking.  According to a recent Rasmussen Reports survey, performed between the second and third debates:

* 77% of voters say that they have a clear idea of where President Bush stands on key issues and 16% do not.

* 56% of voters say that they have a clear idea where Senator Kerry stands on key issues  and 34% do not.

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